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Qulee BGM2 Series

BGM2-101 BGM2-102 BGM2-201 BGM2-202

The "Qulee" (pronounced "KLEE") is ULVAC's latest model for residual gas analysis and gas monitoring during the process.

Feedback from equipment engineers on each production line has been incorporated into the new product design in pursuit of simplicity.

Measurements can be made with high accuracy at the process pressure of the sputtering equipment (less than 1 Pa) without using a differential exhaust system.


Excellent in Cost Performance. Suitable for RGA application.

Communication interface. Ethernet compatible.

Integrated Display. No need for a PC.

Simple Operation. "One Click" function.

Bake Out. Max 120 °C (248 °F) high temperature bake (250 °C (482 °F) when sensors are removed).

Degas Function. Electron bombard degas.

Protection and Maintenance Features. Ion source and secondary electron multiplier protection maintenance help function.

Various Leak Tests are Available. Helium leak test, air leak test, leak up.

Total Pressure Measurement. Capable of total pressure measurement.

Qulee QCS is Included. This software is compatible with (Windows 8/10/11).

Applicable Standard. Conforms with CE.



Residual gas analysis for organic electroluminescence.

Residual gas monitoring for PV, FPD, and semiconductor manufacturing systems.

Residual gas analysis in PVD system and vacuum deposition.

Residual gas analysis for high vacuum pumping equipment, etc.

Residual gas analysis for freeze drying system.

Various types of gas analysis for research and development.


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