Turbo Molecular Pump

UTM-MS Series


This is a turbo molecular pump with a separate controller that uses magnetic bearings.

We have a lineup of models with pumping speeds of 300 to 4000 L/s.

The controller unit can monitor the operating status and supports various communication standards.


Separated pump body and controller.
The controller can monitor the operating status and support various communication standards.

Free mounting direction.
Free mounting direction makes the system design flexibility.

Pumping speed 300L/s to 4000L/s class lineup.

Pump rotation variable from 25% to 100%.
Enabling the pressure adjustment in a chamber by changing the rotation speed.

High durability and safety.
Safety confirmation tests are passed, such as air rushing-in test and touch-down test.



Main vacuum pumping system for equipment.

Semiconductor equipment.

Evaporator, sputtering system.

Analytical equipment, experimental devices, etc.

Main vacuum pumping system for the light processes that do not generate side reaction products.

General use for high vacuum evacuation system.


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