Ion Pump

PST Series Controller


The GST-07L-B is a sputter ion pump controller which features sophisticated functions and high-grade reliability.

It is the product of ULVAC's extensive technological reserves and long track record of proven performance in the ultra-high vacuum field.


Compact size and light weight.
Multi-function performance enabled by CPU Control of all sputter ion pumps (PST series) possible using one controller.

Communication functions are provided as standard features.
Remote control and automated operations are made possible by the external communication control functions which have been provided as standard features.

XHV supported Pump cell contamination can be reduced to the absolute minimum by the automatic start circuit and soft start functions. (Patent No. 1340297, etc. pending).

Improved safety functions.
The controller comes with a function which prevents the erroneous operation of its function switches and with interlock functions for protection.

Fluorocarbon resin high-voltage cables with excellent resistance to heat and cold and superb electrical characteristics are used.

Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS directive)-supported and (CE marking)-supported.




Electron microscopes.



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