Sputtering Targets for Semiconductor Applications

Sputtering targets must meet ever tougher standards for high quality to produce sub-micron scale and wafer targets in ever larger sizes.
– Low particle
– Good film uniformity
– High usage efficiency
To develop and produce high-quality sputtering targets, ULVAC carefully evaluates which manufacturing method to use for each material to meet the following product quality goals.


Low-particle targets
ULVAC has developed sputtering targets that suppress generation of particles that can be the source of problems in the sputtering process.
Gaseous elements are one factor in causing particle emissions, especially in aluminium targets and we are working to lower emissions by utilizing a vacuum melting method in the refining and ingot purification processes.

Attaining high uniformity by adjusting the metal microstructure
ULVAC uses manufacturing processes that ensure high uniformity and a fine metal microstructure in most of its targets for semiconductor products including high-purity cobalt targets and titanium targets.
Utilizing a fine metal microstructure having a high degree of uniformity for example allows uniform magnetic flux leakage on the target surface of high-purity cobalt targets.

Meticulous quality control system
Integrated process manufacturing at ULVAC takes product characteristics and contours into account during production. Sophisticated analysis/evaluation systems such as the GD-MS (Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer) ensure purity along with a high level of quality.


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