Hot Roller Type
Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

FHHn series

FHH series are used for various purposes, such as tempering, sintering and brazing of various types of metal.


Adopting hot roller carry system, chamber configuration can be multiplied by combining each unitized chamber.

System configuration is selectable depending on process and throughput, such as preparation chamber (vacuum/atmosphere), preheating chamber (operation 500 °C), heating chamber (operation 1150 °C) and cooling chamber.

Adopting a double gate valve, each chamber is completely isolated. A vacuum/atmosphere is completely isolated.

Units can be added depending on process and throughput.

Inline process is possible, as below. "Loading → Heating 1 → Cooling 1 → Heating 2 → Cooling 2 → Unloading".

Adopting six sectional temperature control system heater (option), temperature uniformity can be 1150 °C ± 3 °C.



Vacuum heat treatment : Heat treatment of various metals, brazing.

Sintering : Magnet.


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