Horizontal Furnace

H Series

Highly reliable thermal processing system with over thirty years of experience. It can be used for heat treatment such as oxidation, diffusion and annealing of 200mm silicon wafers.


Selectable from 3 types of models according to processing volume.

Run different processes with one device.

Three or four tubes configuration to save space.

5 zone heaters are respectively independent, so it is always possible to control stably.

Original control system dedicates easy and reliable operation.

Regarding H83-125 and H84-125, it is easy to load on the top of the tube because they have boat elevator as standard.

Pyrogenic wet oxide, wet oxide, dry oxide, Phosphorus and Boron doping with POCl3 or BBr3, and anneal.



Oxidation, diffusion, and anneal for silicon wafer.


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