Sputtering System for Optical Filters and Coating

ULDiS Series

The ULDiS series is the digital sputtering system that has enhanced the Meta Mode and realized the high-quality optical filters and coatings.

ULVAC has signed a License Agreement with JDS Uniphase Corporation of the U.S.; License MetaMode® sputter for optical application. The ULDiS comes available to be placed at your business and to be developed widely.


Coating of the filters of good spectrum characteristics.

Low processing temperature.

Prevent arching plasma by double cathodes; AC sputtering.

Precisely reproducible coating thickness.

A wide variety of options including low-damage cathode.



IR Cut-off Filter for digital cameras.

Dichroic filter for projectors.

Mirror Coating for DVD.

Other optical filters include Anti-reflection Coatings.


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