Combined deposition and etch modules system of cluster type for advanced electronics

uGmni-200, 300

uGmni is equipped with a variety of different process modules on the same transfer core which makes reducing spare parts by adopting the same common parts as much as possible as well as improves usability with the same operation panel between these different modules.

This improves further efficiency for the manufacturing process of advanced electronics.


Multi types of Sputter, Etcher, Asher and PE-CVD modules can be equipped.

All types of the above modules are made by ULVAC.

Up to Ø300mm wafer is applicable.




Power device : Seed and Metal layer Sputtering

MEMS sensor : PZT Sputtering & Etching

Opt. device : VCSEL Etching

Packaging : Descum Ashing

Communication : Insulated film PE-CVD and Etching


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