Single-substrate Plasma CVD System

CMD Series

The CMD Series are single-substrate CVD systems for the deposition of silicon oxide and nitride films using SiH4 or TEOS.

A high-frequency (27.12 MHz) power supply enables high-quality film deposition.


Improvements in the reaction chamber structure and gas supply system enable long-term stable deposition rates for TEOS (SiO2) films.

Unit drive systems can operate at higher temperatures than conventional process temperatures, and a new vacuum transfer robot has been developed to enable a stable transfer system.

Use of a high-frequency (27.12 MHz) power supply creates high-density plasma, for a high deposition rate.

Individual substrates can easily be managed using parameters such as deposition conditions.

A heated reaction gas path enables the evacuation of all equipment (up to discharging unit) in a gas state. Elimination of piping traps reduces by-product adhesion and maintenance time.



Low-temperature P-Si, α-Si TFTs.


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