Ashing System

Luminous NA Series

Luminous NA series ashing systems can be used for all sizes of wafers and are compatible with a wide range of processes from critical processes for next-generation wafers to wafer-level packaging processes.


High dose ion implant stripping process and polymer removal process of 10e+16 or higher level that is necessary for the critical process for next-generation wafers can be implemented free of damage.

Chamber construction is arranged most suitably for an F-based gas addition process, and particle-free treatment is possible. Therefore, it is suitable to construct an extremely wide range of processes from normal PR to high-dose ion implant stripping process, organic films (such as PI and DFR) peeling and oxidized film etching.

A simple system construction is adopted, achieving "excellent maintainability and reliability" and "low cost" at the same time.

Flexible system construction is possible (µ wave, RIE, and µ wave + RIE), allowing a wide range of transfer channel selection.

Wafer size can be switched by simply changing the recipe setting, achieving a very easy wafer size change.



High dose ion implant stripping process (10e+16 or higher) and polymer removal in front-end process

Wafer process that requires CF-4 addition process (electronic parts and LEDs)

Chip size package and bump process

CCD color filter manufacturing process


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