Mechanical Booster Pump

YMV Series


YMV series is a frame unit for combining a mechanical booster pump and an oil rotary vacuum pump.

We prepared four types of frame units according to the pumping capacity.

The independent frame design emphasizes on the maintainability of pumps. This product is ideal for use in production facilities.

Note: Mechanical booster pump and oil rotary vacuum pump need to be purchased separately.


Extensive lineup.
To allow Pump Selection tailored to emissions, we prepared four kinds of cradle units.

Excellent maintainability.
Since the frame unit for the mechanical booster pump / oil rotary vacuum pump is independent, removal of the main piping on the device side is not necessary at the time of oil rotary vacuum pump maintenance.

Abundant options.
Oil mist trap, atmospheric pressure drive type (inverter), control panel, delayed vacuum solenoid valve, cooling water flow switch, etc can be selected.


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