Scroll Type Dry Vacuum Pump

SGT Series

SGT-100 SGT-200

Vacuum Pump Suction and Exhaust Filter.

This filter can trap acidic gas and oil mist effectively by using ion-exchanged resin fiber.
The filter can be placed on both vacuum and exhaust side and the filter can be replaceable.


Filters usable for vacuum pumps can be used for various types of vacuum equipment.

Filter can be placed on both suction and exhaust side.

Reaction products and powders discharged from equipment are absorbed and collected by the elements of an ion exchange resin fiber.

Not only powders in the exhaust gas but acid gas/oil-mist can also be captured efficiently.

When the vacuum pump and pump oil are kept clean over a long period of time this can help to avoid a vacuum pump malfunction and reduce the number of oil changes.

We can provide the KF-clamps, reducers, center rings, etc, which are required for the attachments.


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