Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump

VD Series

VD30C VD40C VD60C VD90C VD151 VD201

VD series is a direct-drive oil rotary pump with high efficiency (IE3) multi-voltage motor fully developed by ULVAC.

This dual-stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum achieves lower ultimate pressure.

Design optimization realized quiet operation and so this pump is suitable for a wide range of applications.


High efficiency (IE3) multiple voltage motor fully developed by ULVAC.
A single motor can cover a wide range of voltage, 200 to 240V / 380 to 460V.

Forced oil circulation system.
Pumping speed is stable even around atmospheric pressure. It is suitable for repeat and continuous running between atmospheric pressure and vacuum.

Various options are available for special application.
3 types, type A, B and H, are available in addition to the standard type for special applications.



Evaporation, sputtering and ion plating.

Analytical instrument and leak test system.

Gas exchange, liquid filling.

Vacuum dry, freeze dry, vacuum deaeration and vacuum insulation.

Vacuum chuck and vacuum molding.

Other vacuum equipment.


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