Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump

Oil Mist Trap

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When an oil rotary pump is started at atmospheric pressure, and operated during low vacuum operation, the pump oil is exhausted along with the exhaust gas that is being pumped.

This oil-laden exhaust mist, which consists of tiny oil droplets, appears as “smoke” exiting from the exhaust port of the pump.

The TM and TMX series oil mist traps help to ensure a clean working environment and protect indoor equipment from contamination that would otherwise be caused by this oil mist.


Removes oil droplets ("smoke").
Pump oil vapor is greatly reduced reducing contamination in addition the need to regularly replenish the pump oil is likewise greatly reduced.

Noise is most effectively reduced when the pump starts from atmospheric pressure, during low vacuum pumping, and during gas ballast operations. Low frequency noise is particularly reduced.

Selectable oil recovery method (optional).
When trapped oil is returned directly to the main pumping unit and reused, the filter lifespan is decreased and pump problems may occur.

Since the connection ports of TM series units are made to match standard pump exhaust ports, the attachment is simple. (Excluding VD601 and VD901)

The internal filter element is a replaceable cartridge.
Replacing this filter cartridge is simple. (An adapter is required when changing filters of old TM-3, 4, and 4S models to cartridge filters)


Be sure to use an oil mist trap that is appropriately sized to match the pumping speed of the pump and the volume of the chamber which is being evacuated.

An adapter is required for attachment to PVD series, VD151 and VD201.

Oil recovery cannot be used with TMX-1 and TMX-2 models.

Conversion to a cartridge filter is not possible for TMX-1, TMX-2, and TM-2 (old model) units.


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