Multi-Stage Roots Type Dry Vacuum Pump

GR Series

GR60A GR90A GR180A

Based on many years of experience with the LR/HR Series ULVAC has introduced the GR Series Dry Vacuum pump with a simple and clean design for general industrial applications.


Particularly useful for high-load applications such as repeated pump down between atmospheric pressure and vacuum and continuous running in the high-pressure range.

Useful for load/unload lock chambers which require high throughput.

A universal induction motor is used. An explosion-proof motor is available as an option.

For motor power. Specify voltage requirements when ordering. Either 200 VAC Class or Multiple voltage motors are available.



Clean gas vacuum pumping such as air and inert gas.

Load/unload lock chambers of various types of deposition equipment.

General industrial applications such as vacuum dryers, vacuum gas exchange in vacuum heat insulation and gas charging, vacuum degassing, etc.


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