Multi-Stage Roots Type Dry Vacuum Pump
Power Saving Attachment



ECO-SHOCK is a revolutionary dry pump accessory that can dramatically reduce power consumption by attaching it to the dry pump exhaust line.

Patent is registered (Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan).


Energy saving : Maximum 80% reduction of power consumption of the dry pump.

ECO-SHOCK enables the cost saving of air conditioning because it helps to reduce heat generation from the pump.

ECO-SHOCK is capable to use with the dry pump and the exhaust port can be in vacuum condition.

Pump performance improvement.

Reduce the noise level while pumping.

No reduction of pumping performance at all pressure ranges.

Most effective for long continuous pumping times less than 1000Pa.

Simple installation.

* ECHO-SHOCK is not capable for pump application which evacuates flammable and toxic corrosive gas.



Dry vacuum pumps for evacuating inert gases such as air, nitrogen or argon.

Dry vacuum pumps are used with sputtering or loading/unloading chambers.


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