Mechanical Booster Pump

PRC Series

PRC-003A PRC-006A PRC-012A PRC-018A

By using together with dry vacuum pumps, oil rotary vacuum pumps or water-sealed vacuum pumps, mechanical booster pumps can increase pumping speed in the range between 10kPa to 0.1 Pa, where roughing pump pumping speed drops.

The PRC series is designed for semiconductor and liquid crystal display processes which especially require cleanliness.

Atmospheric pressure start type can be selected as an option.


No oil in the pump casing, results in stable performance even when evacuating water vapor or solvent vapors.

Canned motor.
Using of canned motor could avoid using a mechanical seal between the atmosphere and the vacuum. It can be used in a clean environment without oil leak concerns.

Excellent Corrosion Resistant Surface Treatment.
Anodic oxide coating for surface hardness and corrosive resistance on main parts can prevent scratches and corrosion inside the pump. Non-surface treatment can be selected as an option.

Atmospheric Pressure Start type for Shorter Evacuation Type (Option: Inverter).
This type can shorten pumping time compared with the standard type because the pump starts at the same time as roughing pump.



Evaporation, sputtering, ion plating, vacuum dryer, freeze dryer, vacuum degassing.

Analytical instruments, leak test system, gas exchange, filling, vacuum insulating.

Heat treatment, melting furnace.

Other various kinds of vacuum systems.


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