Ion Pump

Sputter Ion Pump is one of the pumps used to generate ultra and extremely-high vacuum. This pump has a simple design with no moving parts to produce wear and vibration. These features make the sputter ion pump the preferred one for the use in accelerators and analysis equipment.

ULVAC has developed the Acter series of sputter ion pumps. The Acter pumps use optimized magnetic field and the new Acter elements to greatly improve the pumping characteristc in the ultra and extremely-high vacuum range and to improve its overall cost performance. As a result of these performance enhancements, the Acter pumps have been accepted in the accelerator, electron microscope and other scientific field.

ULVAC Acter Pumps - PST-030CU/AU

Acter Pumps -

Sputter ion pumps are one type of pump used to create ultra-high vacuum, and are used in many analyzers and accelerators.

ULVAC's Acter pumps are designed using optimized magnetic field and the new Acter elements to improve the evacuation characteristics at ultra-high and extremely high vacuum.

Acter Pumps -

ULVAC Acter Pumps - PST-050CU/AU

Acter Pumps -

ULVAC Acter Pumps - PST-100CX/AX

Acter Pumps -

ULVAC Acter Pumps - PST-200CX2/AX2

Acter Pumps -

ULVAC Acter Pumps - PST-400CX2/AX2

ULVAC Ion Pump Controller - GST-07L

Ion Pump Controller -

The GST-07L is a sputter ion pump controller which features sophisticated functions and high-grade reliability. It is the product of ULVAC' s extensive technological reserves and long track record of proven performance in the ultra-high vacuum field.