Screw Type Dry Vacuum Pump

MS Series

MS120A MS600A MS1200A

MS series is a vacuum pump which is categorized as screw type dry vacuum pump.

Corrosion resistance and powder exhaust are improved as process resistance model based on the traditional LS series.

This model is designed for the process of using corrosion gas and powder exhaust.


Corrosion resistance by treating special coating for main parts such as rotor shaft and cylinder.

High performance of powder exhausting by applying ULVAC's unique design rotor shaft.

Realize continuous pumping near atmospheric pressure.



Vacuum system for semiconductor and electronic device manufacturing equipment.

Etching, Ashing, Plasma cleaning, etc.

Vacuum system for furnace.

Sintering, Carburizing, etc.

Vacuum system for Li-ion battery manufacturing equipment.

Electrode drying, Degassing, Vacuum injection, etc.

Vacuum system for medical and food.

Freeze dry, Vacuum dry, etc.


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