Screw Type Dry Vacuum Pump

LS Series

LS120A LS300A LS600A LS1200A

High pumping speed and Low power consumption dry vacuum pump.

LS Series is selectable from 4 different pumping speeds (120-1200m3/h) depending on the application.


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High pumping speed :
High pumping speed at near atmospheric pressure, and pumping downtime can be drastically reduced.

Low power consumption :
ECO-SHOCK technology realizes low power consumption. (C Type)
Power consumption at the ultimate pressure is the industry-leading 0.6kW or less. (LS120A-C)

Built-in silencer achieves a noise level of 61dB(A) or less.

Low running cost :
No shaft sealing gas.
*Purge gas is available with L Type.

Pumping speed 120~1200m3/h class. (*With mechanical booster pump)
Optimum model is selectable depending on the application.



C type : Clean process (LS***A-C).

Feature : Low power consumption model (with built-in ECO-SHOCK).

Applications : For clean processes such as air and N2 Sputtering / Vapor deposition / Lamination / Load lock room / TMP backing pump, etc.


L type : Light process (LS***A-L).

Features : Light process model (with surface treatment and purge function).

Applications : For light processes such as steam and volatile liquid medicine / Vacuum drying / Freeze drying / Ashing / General industrial use, etc.


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