Diaphragm Type Dry Vacuum Pump

DA / DAP / DAT Series 1st Stage Type

DA-40S DA-60S DA-81S DA-120S DA-241S DAP-12S DAP-18S-DC24 DAT-100S

DA-40S DA-81S DA-120S DA-241S
Built-in type / Single-stage / with cord and switch / with thermal protector / Unloader valve option

Standard type / Single-stages / with power cord / with switch / with thermal protector

Single-stage / with cord and switch / with thermal protector

Single-stage / DC motor equipped / with interlock protection / with overcurrent protection

Standard type / 1-stage exhaust system / with thermal protector / with motor lead wire crimp terminal


A standard type of dry vacuum pump with abundant results and low price.

Dry vacuum pump using no oil in the gas contact area.

Rich lineup is available to suit your application.

One-stage exhaust system is faster than two-stage exhaust system.

Operation is possible from atmospheric pressure.

Simple structure and easy maintenance.

DA-40S DA-60S DA-241S DAP-12S DAT-100S

Safety design with built-in automatic reset type thermal protector.


By incorporating an unloader valve (Option), air can be introduced into the pump when the pump is stopped, and the pump startup characteristics can be improved.

DA-81S DAP-18S-DC24

Safety design with lock protection and over current protection function.

Equipped with DC motor.


Manual control Safety design with built-in reset type thermal protector.

Since the unloader valve is built in, it is possible to restart from the vacuum state.


The built-in balance port enables restart from a vacuum condition.



Vacuum chucks, wafers and tip-handling devices.

Vacuum tweezers, medical appliances.

Printing equipment.

Automatic packing machines.

Optical appliances.

DA-60S DA-120S DA-241S DAT-100S

Semiconductor industry.

DA-60S DAT-100S

Injection molding machine.

DAP-12S DAP-18S-DC24



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