Pirani Vacuum Gauge
Transducer Type


SW100-A SW100-R

Renewed design and improved to be more user-friendly taking over the highly shock-resistant sensor head and anti-corrosive filament material.


Easy set point setting (SW100-A) or status checking, etc. by connecting Windows PC/Android.

Measurable pressure range: 5 x 10-2 to 1 x 10+5 Pa (3.75 x 10-4 to 760 torr, 5 x 10-4 to 1,013 mbar).

Excellent shock resistance design of sensor head.

Excellent corrosion resistance : Filament material, Pt (platinum).

Easy exchange of sensor head (one-touch atmospheric pressure adjustment and zero-point adjustment).

Serial communication specs : RS232C/RS485 (SW100-R).



FPD/semiconductor/electric parts production equipment (inline type/batch type).

Pumping dolly for manufacturing home appliances or automobiles.

Industrial equipment such as vacuum furnaces.

Various analyzing equipment.


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