Pirani Vacuum Gauge
Transducer Type

Smartphone-Direct Pirani Gauge

This is a Pirani vacuum gauge which can measure the degree of vacuum by connecting your smartphone directly with a USB cable.

No need for a dedicated power supply and display.


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Direct Connection with Smartphone :
Direct connection with smartphone by using a USB cable. No need for the other components.
 ♦ Connection with PC is also possible.

No Need for AC Power Supply :
No need for a dedicated power supply.

Lightweight and Compact :
Size : Ø46 x 81mm, weight : 85g (NW16 spec).
The smallest and lightest of ULVAC Pirani gauge lineup.

Excellent Shock Resistance :
Excellent shock resistance by ULVAC original structure (patent number. 6595945) and body protection rubber.

Measurable Pressure Range :
5 x 10-2 to 1 x 10+5 Pa (3.75 x 10-4 to 760 Torr, 5 x 10-4 to 1,013 mbar).

Various Fitting Lineup :
7 kinds of fitting lineup including NW16, R1/8, etc.

Applicable Standard :
Compliant with CE standard.



Ultimate pressure check in vacuum pump maintenance.

Pressure check in vacuum equipment maintenance.


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