Pirani Vacuum Gauge

GP-G Series

GP-1000G GP-2001G GP-1GRY GP-1G

GP-1000G GP-2001G
GP-1000G/2001G is a constant-temperature Pirani vacuum gauge that works using the thermal conduction of gas.
Digital output and set point output are provided standard, as vacuum system control features.

This series is a Pirani vacuum gauge utilizing the heat conduction of a gas.
A platinum wire is used, therefore, the units will not break even at atmospheric pressure.
The gauges have a wide range of applications and can easily measure pressures in the low vacuum range.
Various types of interlocks and pumping sequence control are available within a set point.


No re-calibration is needed after changing the gauge head cable length.

Built-in temperature assurance circuit reduces the effect of ambient temperature changes on specified values.

BCD (binary-coded decimal) output (GP-1000G).

Wide range of power supply voltages (GP-1000G).

Serial communication RS232C (GP-1000G).

Conforms with CE.



Pressure measurement for rough evacuation systems.

Pressure monitors in evacuation systems.

Process control for vacuum application devices.


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