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ST200 Series

ST200-A ST200-R ST200-E

New series of transducer type "G-RTAN series Multi Ionization Gauge" that is capable of connecting to different types of sensor heads.

This product, which is a "Triode" type ionization gauge, is capable of longer life stable measurement in harsh environments for vacuum gauges because of low deterioration of sensitivity.

Improved to be more user-friendly taking over the concept of long-life and low running cost.


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Easy setpoint setting, condition check, etc. by connecting PC/Android.

Filament life notification function. An advance warning can be made before the life of the ionization vacuum gauge by watching filament power.

Capable of connecting different measurement range sensor heads according to applications.

Significantly miniaturized compared to the previous series (56% reduction of controller volume).

EtherCAT specs are to be available in addition to analog output specs and serial communication specs.

World's first metal type Triode Ionization gauge. Long life even if in harsh environments and no worry of such damage as glass type.

Measurement from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum (1 x 10-5 to 1 x 10+5 Pa) is possible (when using an optional unit SWU10-R).

Precise atmospheric pressure check for chamber open is available (when using with an optional unit SAU).



Ultimate pressure check or process control for vacuum equipment for OLED touch panels.

Ultimate pressure check for industrial vacuum equipment such as vacuum furnaces.

Measurement in the hydrocarbon-rich atmosphere.


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