Hot Cathode Gauge

AxTRAN Series


AxTRAN is a hot cathode type ionization vacuum gauge with a Bessel Box type energy filter installed between the ion source and the ion collector.

This design provides a measurement resolution of 0.5 × 10-10 Pa by reducing the residual current due to soft X-rays and Electron Stimulated Desorption (ESD) ions.


Measures ultra-high vacuum to extreme-high vacuum.

Bessel Box types energy filters. Reduce soft X-ray and residual current such as ESD ion.

Measures a wide pressure range (1 x 10-2 to 0.5 x 10-10 Pa).

Pressure is 0 to 10V Log output (pseudo-log output) / 1V linear output within each digit.

2 set points output.

Digital output (BCD) and serial communication RS232C.



For total pressure measurement of vacuum equipment such as a high-energy accelerator.

For pressure measurement of ultra-high or extreme-high vacuum equipment used in UHV or XHV research work.


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