Small Evaporation System

VPC Series

VPC-061 VPC-061A VPC-260F VPC-1100

It is a high-speed type vacuum deposition system by the resistance heating formula which stored compactly required apparatus, such as an oil diffusion pump, an oil rotary vacuum pump, a Pirani gauge, valve piping, an electric system, and a pressure measurement port, in the mount, and has equipped with a bell jar, rise-and-fall equipment, etc.

It is ideal for an experiment, such as basic research development of large substrate sizes.


VPC-061 VPC-061A

Desktop type and compact size enable setup with space saving.

The glass bell jar makes it easy to see the inside and has good control.

It is possible to open the vacuum chamber without stopping the main pump.

VPC-260F VPC-1100

Easy viewable through a glass bell jar and easy maintenance.

The vacuum chamber can be opened without stopping the main pump.

Since an evaporation power supply and electrode have been added, simultaneous evaporation and multi-layer evaporation are possible.

It is an easy-moving vacuum pumping system with casters.


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