Small Evaporation System

Sputtering System

VTR-151M/SRF RFS-201

Small-sized high-frequency sputtering device with an RF power supply.

Ideal for basic research and development experiments because of the deposition capabilities for metals, semiconductors and insulators.


It is the sputtering system of an insulator, metal, and semiconducting material.


Turbo molecular pump is used for the main pumping.

Multiple depositions is available by Ø2 inch, 3 cathodes.

Sputtering speed 30nm/min (SiO2) is available by magnetron sputtering.

It has a substrate heating system (350°C).


Oil diffusion pump is used for main pumping.

Single deposition is available by Ø80 mm, 1 cathode.

Sputtering speed 20nm/min. (SiO2) is available by conventional sputtering.


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