RF Power Supply

RMG Series

RFS-1305N RFS-1310N RFS-1330N RFS-1350N

RF power supply for plasma process with 13.56 MHz, 0.5kW / 1kW / 3kW / 5kW output.

Compact and lightweight by implementing a high-efficiency RF amplifier.

RF power supply has a built-in auto-matching controller function, power control of the RF power supply and matching system control can be performed with the main unit alone.


Uses a high-efficiency amplifier. Energy savings through construction with an RF circuit featuring good power conversion efficiency.

Implements high-speed auto-matching with a high-speed algorithm.

RF power generator internally equipped with an auto-matching function.

Matching system control is possible with the power generator unit itself. Also capable of manual RF power generator and matching box operations with the internal controller.

Capable of external analog and serial communication control.

High reliability. Our accumulated knowledge as an equipment manufacturer has been reflected in the design.



Sputtering and CVD equipment.

Plasma etching equipment.

RF Ion Source and Neutralizer.


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