Thermal Conductivity Measurement System
Scanning Thermal Probe Micro Image


2-dimensional distribution of Seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity measurement system by a thermal probe.

STPM-1000 is used for evaluating the Seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity simultaneously. Simple evaluation of thermoelectric materials is possible by simultaneous evaluations of Seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity.

The thermal conductivity distribution evaluation of functionally graded materials, multilayer substrates and organic materials is also possible.

STPM-1000 is expected to use materials evaluation as a basic tool.


Just in 10 seconds for 1 point distribution measurement.

Available to perform a mapping analysis at a pitch of 20µm.

Improve better accuracy of thermal conductivity by calibrating with a standard sample.

Customizable to square 50 mm sample (max).

This system was developed based on a joint patent #5252543 with the national institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).



Distribution evaluation of thermoelectric materials.

Material development and homogeneity valuation of thermoelectric materials

Homogeneity evaluation of inorganic materials, polymer materials and crystalline materials.

Thermal conductivity evaluation of mounting.

Materials (Printed circuit boards, multilayer boards etc).


Measurement Principle

Seebeck coefficient
Calculate from voltage difference (ΔV) and temperature difference (ΔV) between the temperature at contact point Tcp and T3.
(Tcp is calculated from T1 and T2.)

Thermal conductivity
Calculate from T1 - T2.

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