EB Source for Metal Film

EGK Series


Electron Beam evaporation source is designed to improve performance and reliability based on ULVAC's many years of technical experience and achievements.

This evaporation source has a hearth with a maximum input power of 5kW.
The crucible has a capacity of 3cc, which is suitable for experiments and small-scale production.

This evaporation source has a four-point switching hearth with a maximum input power of 5kW.
EGK-3M has four crucibles with a capacity of 2.9cc, which enables arbitrary multilayer deposition.


The electron beam is deflected by the electromagnetic field and the effect of secondary electrons on the deposition target is extremely small.

Scanning the beam spot in the X-axis and Y-axis directions even with a sublimable substance can eliminate the partial digging phenomenon and the entire crucible can be evaporated smoothly. (Japan patents 831485, 843447).

The electron beam is deflected 255°, so it is not exposed to the above from the vaporized material and the filament has a long life.

Since the emitter assembly can be easily attached and detached, it is easy to replace the filament, insulator, etc.


Suitable for small-scale production due to the 3cc hearth capacity.


Any multi-layer film deposition is possible by adopting a 4-point switchable hearth with a crucible capacity of 2.9cc.


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