EB Power Supply

HPS Series

HPS-510S HPS-1000N-100 HPS-1000N-200 HPS-1000N-G100 HPS-1000N-G200 HPS-1600F-S100 HPS-1600F-S200 HPS-1600F-S101

Series of power generators that support electron beam evaporation sources and feature improvements in circuit stability and performance based on technologies ULVAC have accumulated over many years and our proven track record.

When used in combination with the EGC-10GS EB Gun Controller, both EG guns for optical films and EB guns for metal films can be supported.


Forced air-cooling, requires no cooling water.

High reliability. Our accumulated knowledge as an equipment manufacturer has been reflected in the design.

The LCD touch panel used for the control panel improves ease of use.

Sweep waveform variations. Many beam scan forms can be created on the operating screen.

Configured with a circuit that minimizes decreases in deposition rate by high-speed arc shutoff.

Low-level arc control function (option for optical applications). Controls minute arcs that occur in optical applications to allow stable deposition.



Vacuum evaporation for metal films.


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