Deposition Controller
Multi Sensor

CRTS Series


The rotary-type multi-sensor has been developed for the crystal oscillation type deposition controller CRTM Series.

5MHz or 6MHz crystal 6 pieces-mountable in the rotary type crystal holder.

5MHz crystal 12 pieces-mountable in the rotary type crystal holder.

Both can be used in high-rate vapor deposition and continuous multi-layer vapor deposition.


Having adopted a vacuum stepping motor in the drive section, this is designed to focus on reliability and durability as the top priority, including precisely controlling the stop position of the crystal too.

The replacement of the crystal is detachable together with the crystal holder.

In case the life of a crystal (abnormal oscillation) is detected, it is automatically switched to the next crystal by the signal from the controller (CRTM).



High rate, multi-layer deposition control for Optical, Organic EL, Electric devices.


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