Deposition Controller

CRTM Series

CRTM-6000G CRTM-9200

The CRTM-6000G is a deposition controller with excellent cost / performance features.
Unit offers a wide deposition control range for single as well as multilayer films.

CRTM-9200 is a quartz crystal deposition controller that provides low-rate deposition control and high-precision film thickness control with an outstanding film thickness / rate resolution (0.0022Å).
An option enables deposition control for up to 4 materials simultaneously.



Two sensors can be switched for deposition control.
(The simultaneous measurement cannot be done. It is a switch type.)

Low-rate deposition process control is possible with a high resolution of film thickness.

Excellent response is obtained with a sampling rate of 125 ms.

Up to 99 deposition programs can be stored with battery backup.

Memory of the controller can record up to 30 process sequences.

RS232C interface is included as standard. Control from a PC is therefore simple.

The 12-ch digital input/output signals are programmable.

The 3-ch analog output signals (Power, Rate, Thickness) are programmable.

Up to 3 steps can be input for pre-heating and rate control for more precise control.


Ideal for low-rate deposition control with outstanding film thickness / rate resolution (0.0022Å)

Deposition control for 4 materials simultaneously (with option).

Control of multilayer films with up to 99 layers.

Programs can be saved on USB memory.

Can measure film thicknesses accurately, referencing the history of films deposited on crystal oscillator (MLC function).



Film thickness and deposition rate control during evaporation.


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