DC Power Supply

Small Capacity DC Power Supply

DC-2 DC-4 DCS0052B

DC-2 DC-4
The DC-2/DC-4 are 2 kW/4 kW DC power generators for sputtering.
Repeatability is excellent because of the high control accuracy.

As the basic performance is a matter of course, DCS series provides superior cost performance and is used in various applications.
Combination use of the arc suppression unit, A2K, is effective well in reactive sputtering.


DC-2 DC-4

High precision of ±1% of set value even in a low power region of below 10%.

Guarantee a wide range of power control from 1 to 100%.

Lightweight and space-saving design with excellent installation flexibility.

Forced air cooling, requires no cooling water.

Our accumulated knowledge as an equipment manufacturer has been reflected in the design.


Improvement in output regulation (Operates in 1% to 100% of rated).

Wide range of output without tap changing.

Two types of arc detection functions are equipped.

Countermeasure for extraneous noise by isolation (option).

Selectable from three types of operation modes (power / current / voltage).

Floating output up to +100V.



DC-2 DC-4

Sputtering equipment for R&D.

BIAS power supply of sputtering equipment.


For Al, Ni and other metal sputtering processes.


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