DC Power Supply

Large Capacity DC Power Supply

DC-10-D DC-10-DH DC-20-D DC-20-DH DC-10-AM DC-10-H-AM DC-10-4-AM DC-20-AM DC-20-H-AM DC-20-4-AM DC-30-44H-E

The DC-10 / DC-20 are 10 kW / 20 kW DC power generators for sputtering.

They are made of reliable components and circuits.
These highly reliable power generators have been optimized for plasma loads with a design that reflects our many years of knowledge that includes power generator applications.

30 kW high impedance specification DC power supply for sputtering.


Lightweight and space-saving design

Lineup of output voltage range between 800V and 1000V.

Extensive arc control method familiar with plasma.

Equipped with excellent ARC function and high-speed ARC cut-off circuit.

DC-10 and DC-20 with the optional parallel operation function, 10 kW and 20 kW can be combined to allow up to 12 units to work together in parallel operation. (240 kW max).

Compliant with RoHS, CE, SEMI-F47.


1200V output with high-impedance load resistance.



Sputtering equipment for Flat Panel Display.

Semiconductor Sputtering equipment.

Sputtering equipment for electronic components.

Sputtering equipment for industrial coating.


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