DC Power Supply
Abnormal Discharge Prevention Unit

A2K Series

A2KH-25 A2K-20K A2K-40K

In the reactive sputtering processes, the A2K series abnormal discharge prevention unit applies positive voltage pulses to a DC power generator to neutralize the charge on the target.

This unit can be easily mounted to existing equipment, and it achieves improvements in yield ratio and throughput at a low cost.


Makes high-power input possible by reducing abnormal.

Capable of reducing substrate damage caused by arcs.

Capable of inhibiting substrate temperature compared to RF sputtering.

Can be easily connected to existing equipment.

Possible range : A2KH-25 : 1kHz to 20kHz, A2K-20K A2K-40K : 1kHz to 50kHz.

Output pulses for multiple A2K units can be pulse synchronized. Pulse synchronization and parallel operation are not possible when using mixed.

Capable of large capacities through master/slave connections. Up to six A2K-20K/40K units can operate in parallel.



Reactive sputtering equipment for Flat Panel Display.

Reactive sputtering equipment for industrial coating.

Reactive sputtering equipment for color TFT.


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